Enjoy the benefits of one-on one training with friends

If you have a group of friends and members or want to be part of one, inquire today about our various small group training programs!  In small group training, you can expect to work-out hard while meeting other members who have similar goals as your own – you can motivate and inspire each other!

For the results you want

Our caring and friendly Personal Trainer’s want to see you improve the quality of your life. They are here to support you through your physical transformation knowing that benefits extend beyond the physical rewards. You will look and feel better than ever with increased energy, improved sleep and stress reduced. Whatever goals you have in mind, your Atlantic Fitness East Personal Trainer will help you make it happen.

Personalized Bootcamp or Circuit

A personal trainer will tailor a program to the needs and interests of your group!  Be kept accountable. Be motivated to reach your goals.  Groups are limited to four people.  Gather your friends or family and sign up for a group today.


My workouts doubled in intensity when I signed up for personal training. I had no idea how hard I could work my body until I had someone there to push me. The constant support and guidance has helped me to start achieving the results I’ve always wanted.

Having a personal trainer is awesome. They keep me on a regular schedule, whereas otherwise I would slack off and skip a day here and there. Regular workouts have changed my life. I’ve never felt this young and fit!

When I first signed up for personal training, I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I hadn’t planned on sticking with it. Now I can’t imagine not having a trainer to kick my ____ every week!

I didn’t know my trainer when I first started personal training with her. I used to have to try to make time for workouts. These days I never miss a workout, and I’ve grown to look forward to our sessions… not just because of the workouts, but because I feel like I’m meeting up with an old friend every week. It really helps motivate me when I know that I have a friend there to cheer me on.